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Free Goodies

All content here, either was created by me or collaborated at some point. Enjoy and don’t forget to drop a comment or help to improve any of the libraries!


Responsive/Adaptive JS helper for layouts

typeCheck Js

A simple type checker for JavaScript

Theme: Knfocus

Two themes to balance the contrast between the editor and the rest of the UI.

Bootstrap MINI

Mini Bootstrap CSS for quick prototyping, small projects or integrate with others.

JS Utility

Tiny collection of mighty utility functions with extended functionality

Js Teleport

Move a DOM element to another location either before, inside, or after a target element.

Vue Mixin Installer

Helps to install a mixin in Vue 2 or 3 for both options and composition API

Js Event Bus

Simple Event Bus library built for any JavaScript applications

Good Reads

The following are tutorials, opinions, news or tech related… I do give an opinion or two on some articles, and it is from my view as Full-Stack/Product Manager. Please comment as much as you would like as contributing with ideas is the name of the game, but be as a professional as possible and keep it objective 😉